Soti: a novel medical logistics integrated platform

Soti aims to be a governmental e-platform that will bridge the gap between healthcare institutions and medical equipment manufacturers. Soti incorporates the power of Data Science and, specifically, Machine Learning.

Stem op dit idee

Soti aims to accelerate the supply chain process of medical equipment in critical conditions. It connects three main parties involved in this process: government, healthcare institutions, and manufactures. Soti allows for early intervention through the implemented model which predicts the medical equipment demand of the registered hospitals. When there is shortage of specific equipment in, e.g., hospital B, the platform informs whether there is space to move equipment from, e.g., hospital A to hospital B, or otherwise place new orders.  When hospital to hospital movement is possible, local transportation companies registered in the platform can assist in urgent situations. When new orders are required, they are placed via the platform after an e-tender has been sent to medical manufacturers as well as non-medical certified manufactures willing to help when the demand is high. Soti's vision is to be ahead of the medical equipment demand by its predictive power as well as to optimize their supply chain by allowing big businesses as well as small businesses to come to play and provide their services. Soti integrates three main parties (Government, Healthcare Institutions and Manufactures) and thousands of people.

Hoe wordt het geld ingezet?

In discovering the potential of the idea and developing it further.

Wat is er nog nodig om het idee uit te voeren?

1) Right mentors from healthcare and logistics. 2) Contact with LCH.