The dating game

The dating game will use interactive online games to connect daters to have meaningful and inspring first dates. We eliminate awkwardness effectively.

Stem op dit idee

During the corona times dating and socializing became practically impossible. The online solutions are typically awkward and not meaningful. So, how can we solve this problem in the dating scene? Our solution will offer an app which combines the ease of online dating and the fun of physical dating. All this by implementing interactive games in video calls. Cards against humanity and charades are great examples of the types of games. As for the future this will still be a relevant app after this corona chaos is over, because it still remains innovative way of dating as it breaks the awkwardness barrier of the first date. For the future we would be looking to improve the app with machine learning algorithms to base the game events off of your previous dating experiences.

Hoe wordt het geld ingezet?

App development: Normally a sophisticated algorithmic app, like this would cost quite a bit to develop just by outsourcing it, but luckily we do have some programming talent in house so most of the budget will be going towards assets for the app. Digital Marketing: As a digital platform we need hit a critical mass and we would start this by marketing mainly through Instagram and Facebook ads as our team has some experience in this.

Wat is er nog nodig om het idee uit te voeren?