A job board dedicated to tech start-up lay-offs as a result of the pandemic

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The latest news report on CrunchBase has reported a total of 22 thousands layoffs across 260 start-ups since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic. Notably, a near doubling of global layoffs has been reported from March through to April 2020, with numbers steadily rising. The massive surge of COVID-19-related layoffs has put tech in a unique position. In a world where people are laid off on Zoom, tech’s efforts to give community, and a course of action, to those laid off is undeniably important. To help boost the network of those laid off, Lighthouse is an emerging new recruitment site dedicated to COVID driven layoffs from the emerging tech start-up scene. Lighthouse powers a recruitment platform, which connects a committed pool of software engineers, data scientists and products managers looking for jobs with those hiring from that same pool. Dedicated recruiters can search for the ideal candidates who have been laid off from seeded a through d tech start-ups and simultaneously set up criteria-specific alerts that trigger notifications once candidates join and match their criteria. It monitors layoffs in real-time and also offers a forum where users can provide mental and emotional support to one another. As the community grows, Lighthouse hopes to become more, grow bigger both in size and In impact by helping those start-ups that are hit hardest. Think about expert sessions and government funded events to inspire and exchange vital information to help catalyse a positive turnaround for these organisations. In conclusion, Lighthouse aspires to live up to what it symbolises- a "beacon of light", a warning, a guide and a refuge for the "little" ships who have lost their way at sea.

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