Recreate closeness with loved ones during pandemic. Closeness is created through the iloveyougranny app which connects family members through a series of activities they normally do together at home.

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1. Due to the pandemic eldery can’t spend time with their children and are thereby are losing out on precious family moments. 2. The pandemic is expected to last for atleast another 12 to 18 months, so a solutions for the eldery, and battlening loneliness in particulair, are desperately needed. 3. The iloveyougranny app solves issue 1&2 through an interactive family app that allows access to multiple digital consoles (i.e. families up to 10 people). The app can recreate typical family moments like gaming nights- such as cards & monopoly- and in time extend to interactive family movie nights, fitness sessions and birthday parties.

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Creation of the iloveyougranny app

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Senior software developer