HOUT street wood furniture

Making new furniture and objects from wood that people are throwing away.

Stem op dit idee

HOUT rescues wood from the street that people are throwing away and transforms it into new objects- furniture, housewares and design objects. With so many objects being treated as disposable due to cheap prices or poor materials, HOUT wants to make people think about how things in their house are made and where they come from. We collect wood from the street and transform it into new designs. The plan for the future is to have a reliable constant source of wood- connecting with people that want to get rid of things before they put them in the street, making arrangements with local governments to create circular economies before good material is sent to incinerators or otherwise destroyed. I would like to be visible as a place that will take your unwanted wood, which would require some advertising and promotion. I would also like to educate the public about the lifecycle of the things they buy- what things are made of, how they can or can't be converted to other objects and the overall environmental impacts of their choices. In the longer term, I would like to educate people to be able to do their own design, operate their own tools and feel empowered to create their own furniture and objects.

Hoe wordt het geld ingezet?

Making partnerships with people to source wood, purchasing tools, purchasing a bakfiets for wood collection, publicity, advertising, making partnerships with local governments, printing posters and catalogues.

Wat is er nog nodig om het idee uit te voeren?

Support from communities and connection with local government. Creating an outlet or storefront to explain the project would be great too.